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China D5200-240 Zoomlion 240t Large Lifting Capacity Tower Crane

China D5200-240 Zoomlion 240t Large Lifting Capacity Tower Crane
*Brand: Zoomlion
*Item NO.: D5200-240
*Payment: T/T, L/C
*Product Origin: China
*Color: orange red blue
*Shipping Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, or any China seaport
*Lead Time: 45 days
*MOQ: 1 set
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China D5200-240  Zoomlion 240t Large Lifting Capacity Tower Crane 

Zoomlion tower crane D5200-240----240t large tower crane, Zoomlion large lifting capacity tower crane

1. Performance parameters of D5200-240: performance parameters and technical indexes reach both domestic and international advanced level.
• Max. jib length: 50m; Jib length under different assembling modes can decrease progressively by 10 meters and the Min. jib length is 40 meters.
• Max. lifting capacity 240 t;
• Max. hoisting capacity at jib tip: 111t;
• Max. lifting moment 52000 t.m;
• Max. free-standing height: 90.2m; Max. working height of anchored crane: 208.1m;
• Hoisting mechanism: E186LCC225; power: 2×186kW; rope capacity: 2×880m;
• Slewing mechanism: HP185F1.350A/HP185F2.350A; power: 4×18.5 kW

• Trolleying mechanism: BPL185; power: 18.5 kW

2. Electrical control system
With PLC control, the electrical control system enjoys better reliability and safety. Produced by professional manufacturers with advanced foreign technology, the electrical elements feature service lives that are 3 or 4 times longer than that of domestic products, less faults, easy maintenance and repair as well as reliable operation.

3. Technical features
• The crane boasts of multiple operation modes and wide application;
• The complete machine adopts internationally well-received beautiful shape;
• The crane features high working speed and excellent speed regulation performance. Stepless speed regulation by frequency control, the world's most advanced solution, is adopted for the trolleying mechanism and slewing mechanism, thus ensuring more stable and reliable operation ;
• The cab is independently installed externally with good vision and large inner space, thus offering a good working environment for operators;
• A variety of safety devices are equipped, which are all mechanical or mechatronic products that are applicable to severe working conditions, so as to ensure the tower crane's reliable operation.


Q1: What is the Warranty for tower cranes?
A1: For the tower cranes, we can supply 1 years warranty.
If there is any quality problems of any parts (excluding easy worn spare parts) on our side during this period, we will supply the new one by free for replacement.

Q2: What is the meanning of QTZ and TC for tower crane model? And please illustrate.
A2: QTZ is classified according to China National Standard.
“Q” is the acronym of Crane in Chinese language(Qing Zhongji),
“T” is the acronym of Tower head type in Chinese language(Ta Shi) and
“Z” is the acronym of self rising in Chinese language(Zi Sheng Shi)

“TC” is the acronym of Tower Crane in English language.

For example: QTZ63(5013) means topkit tower crane, the rated lifting moment is 630KN.M
(63 is 1/10 of the rated lifting moment).
The working jib length is 50 meter and tip load is 1.3t when jib length is 50m.

Q3: What are the optional parts for your tower cranes?
A3: 1) Anemometer
2) Air conditioner for operation cab
3) Black box for operation cab
4) Remote control
5) Full VFD(Variable Frenquency Drive) control
Q4: How many types of foundation for your tower crane?
A4: the most popular types of foundation are Cross-beam type, Well-frame type,
Base with ballast type and Outrigger type.

Our default one is Cross-beam type,
if you need other types, please let us know when you make the order. Thanks
Q5: How to confirm a suitable tower crane model?
A6: My dear friends, please tell us the below basic parameters to confirm tower crane model:
a. Building height or tower crane working height.
b. Max load capacity and tip load capacity.
c. Span or jib length
d. Other Special requirements

after-sale service

1.One year warranty will be offered,
2. a full set of accessories are provided
3. a full set of quick-wear parts are provided
4. Besides, Professional service team is available to give technical support for the installation and maintenance of Tower Crane and construction hoist.

5. Consulting hotline to receive customers’s inquiry and regularly inquiry the customer machine usage condition, and offer technical guidance and solution to problems in operation and maintenance.

6. tower crane oversea service: for installation and debug, We shall send one technician to the site to provide guidance on installation and debugging and the training of operators if necessary.

As a professional exporter,our target is to serve worldwide clients with high-quality  products, great-reliability, devoted responsibility,professional services and honorable credibility to meet customers’ requirements in all aspects.  We will supply you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week after-sale services.

If you want to know more about our products, pls contact us by email or phone. Also welcome consult us any question at your convenience, any inquiry or kind suggestions from you will be very appreciated.

Looking forward your kindly inquiry and hope to help your strong business in near future!

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